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Introducing Quick Settle by LegalPay. Resolve your Payment Disputes!

The ultimate solution for resolving payment disputes. Whether you are a debtor or a creditor, Quick Settle pays on your behalf & empowers you to receive payments for any disputed invoice, order or award in minutes. No cost EMI, no hassle, no risk.

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Settle your litigations now and save upto 10% off the total claim value

Settle Now, Pay Later: 0% EMI for Debtors

Flexible Financing for your pending invoices and settlements

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Flexible Payment Plan

Choose from a variety of payment plans and payment modes

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Schedule Payments

Set and forget - Never miss a due date

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Blanket Credit Line

Secure a future financial safety net with our pre-arranged funding

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Track Upcoming

Be informed about future outstanding and scheduled payments 

₹ 100 Cr.

Loans Processed


Settlements Resolved


Businesses Onboarded

65 Cities


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Instant Settlements: Get your due on Day 0

Effortless payouts for Creditors, no waiting games

Upfront Cashflow

Handle your operational and capital expenses by receving the payment upfront

Increased Settlements

Encourage early settlements with attractive financing for litigants

Get Insights

Unified dashboard for analytics and reconciliations

Collect Effortlessly

Digitize and automate your collection process

How it Works?


Instant Claim

Creditors directly initiate their claims, paving the way for swift processing


Immediate Day 0 Settlement

Creditors receive their full settlement amount instantly upon agreement


No-Cost EMIs for Debtors

Debtors pay the agreed amount in 6-9 interest-free installments

Swift and Seamless Financing for your Legal Settlements

Settle upto ₹1 Crores

Tenure upto 299 Days

0% EMIs*

One-time Processing Fee of 0.75%

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