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Innovative financial products for your litigation

Control Costs

Spend absolutely nothing on the legal costs and only pay us once the recovery has happened.

Reduce Risks

We provide full non-recourse funding, implying there is no obligation to repay if the case is lost.

Optimize Outcomes

Financing helps litigants stay the course without settling for less than the damages merit.

Get started in three steps

2,000 disputes resolved, and counting 

Since its inception in 2019, LegalPay has provided litigation funding to a wide range of companies

to help them purse their legal claims without worrying about the costs associated.



We help with legal finance for expensive arbitration matters and investment treaty disputes


Intellectual Property

We cover expenses associated with IP cases, empowering you to drive advancement 


Commercial Litigation

We help parties looking to mitigate the financial risks of financing commercial litigation


Investor Disputes

We help founders who are forced out from their own companies by investors

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Class/Group Actions

We support the interest of class members, helping them recover millions of dollar in restitution


Portfolio Financing

We help you unlock strategic capital to drive growth by securing financing across multiple matters

We're making the headlines! 

LegalPay funds against Hero

LegalPay backed Brain Logistics in recovering dues from two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero Motocorp

Group 402515390.png

LegalPay funds Pidge

LegalPay helps logistics firm Pidge to recover outstanding dues from non-vegetarian products retailer Meatigo

Group 402515380.png

LegalPay funds Trivone

LegalPay provided financial aid to Trivone against Eros Now for defaulting on its contractual payments. 

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  • What is the date and time of the event?
    The event will take place on June 7, 2023, from 5 pm to 6:15 pm IST.
  • How can I register for the event?
    You can register for the event by filling out the form on this page.
  • Is there a fee for attending the event?
    No, the event is free of charge for all participants.
  • How will I access the event?
    The event will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. You will receive a link to join the event after you register.
  • How can I contact the organizers if I have any questions or feedback?
    You can contact us at
  • How can attending this event benefit my litigation practice or knowledge?
    Attending this event will help you understand the benefits and challenges of litigation funding, and how it can enhance your litigation practice or knowledge. You will learn how to assess the suitability of litigation funding for your cases, how to negotiate and structure funding agreements, and how to manage the relationship with funders. You will also gain insights into the legal and ethical issues surrounding litigation funding, and how to address them effectively.
  • Will the event provide practical tips and strategies for handling various stages of litigation?
    Yes, the event will provide practical tips and strategies for handling various stages of litigation, such as case selection, due diligence, budgeting, discovery, trial preparation, settlement, and enforcement. You will learn how to use litigation funding as a tool to achieve your litigation objectives, and how to avoid common pitfalls or mistakes.
  • What are some common challenges or pitfalls in litigation, and will the event address how to overcome them?
    Some of the common challenges or pitfalls in litigation include lack of resources, cash flow constraints, adverse costs exposure, uncertainty of outcome, and lengthy proceedings. The event will address how litigation funding can help you overcome these challenges or pitfalls by providing financial support, risk sharing, expertise, and strategic guidance.
  • Will the event discuss recent case law or legal developments that may impact litigation strategies?
    Yes, the event will discuss recent case law or legal developments that may impact litigation strategies, such as the enforceability of funding agreements, disclosure obligations, privilege issues, conflicts of interest, funder control, and recovery of costs. You will learn how to adapt your litigation strategies to the evolving legal landscape and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Will the event provide resources or reference materials that can be accessed after the event?
    Yes, the event will provide resources or reference materials that can be accessed after the event. You will receive a link to download the event slides, recordings, transcripts, and handouts. You will also receive a certificate of attendance and a feedback form.
  • Is the event suitable for both experienced litigators and those new to litigation?
    Yes, the event is suitable for both experienced litigators and those new to litigation. The event will cover both the fundamentals and the advanced aspects of litigation funding. Whether you are a seasoned litigator or a novice in this field, you will find something valuable and relevant in this event.
  • Will the event touch on alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration?
    Yes, the event will touch on alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration. You will learn how litigation funding can be used in conjunction with these methods to facilitate settlement or resolution of disputes. You will also learn how to deal with potential issues or challenges that may arise when using litigation funding in alternative dispute resolution contexts.
  • Are there any recommended prerequisites or prior knowledge required to attend the event?
    No, there are no recommended prerequisites or prior knowledge required to attend the event. The event is designed to be accessible and informative for anyone interested in learning more about litigation funding.
  • How can I access the event materials or recordings if I am unable to attend the live session?
    If you are unable to attend the live session, you can still access the event materials or recordings by registering for the event. You will receive an email with a link to access the event materials or recordings after the event. You can also contact us at any time if you have any questions or issues.
  • Will the event provide practical examples or case studies to illustrate key points?
    Yes, the event will provide practical examples or case studies to illustrate key points. You will hear from real-life litigators who have used litigation funding in their cases, and how they achieved successful outcomes. You will also see examples of funding agreements, due diligence reports, budgets, and other documents that are relevant to litigation funding.
  • What information do I need to provide LegalPay for my client's case to get funded?
    Litigation Financing: LegalPay follows a strict due diligence process before funding any case. Our initial review will be based on the information you provide over the phone/email regarding your client's case. Additional information and supporting documentation may be required by our team to arrive at a concrete decision. Interim Financing: Once your client acknowledges the invoice raised by you, we require a few documents from the client such as bank statement, PAN card, etc. Post our diligence and review, we clear your invoice instantly while provide no-cost EMI payment plan to your client.
  • Why should my client avail LegalPay's services?
    LegalPay wants to create a world in which finance will never be a barrier to justice. LegalPay, through its two products - Litigation Financing and Embedded Financing, provides a way to litigants to alleviate their burden of legal costs and transfer them onto LegalPay. By doing so, the litigants do not have to worry about paying your fees, court fees, and any other fees.
  • Will information about my client's case remain confidential?
    Only information that you're comfortable sharing may be provided to LegalPay before signing NDA. Once NDA is signed, we may require additional information from you or your client to proceed with our diligence. LegalPay is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information.
  • Does LegalPay have any control over the case?
    No, LegalPay does not have any rights to manage, interfere with, or influence with the timeline of the case. Settlement strategy and decision over the case remain in the claimant's control.
  • Does Litigation Funding affect lawyer-client privilege?
    We are passive investors in your client's case and the same does not affect the lawyer-client privilege. We do not request access to lawyer-client privileged collaterals.
  • Why should I take payment from my clients through LegalPay Max?
    LegalPay Max is the new payment option for paying legal and professional expenses available to all your credit worthy clients . By choosing to pay through LegalPay Max, the clients are essentially delaying the payment by 3 months while ensuring you get paid instantly. Thus, ensuring more clients and, consequently, higher revenue to you.
  • What does LegalPay do?
    Legalpay is India’s largest legal financing player that provides an easier and faster way to finance legal expenses through its proprietary technology. As of now, Legalpay has provided financing to more than 50 businesses translating to a total of USD ~195 million claims under management.
  • What kind of financing does LegalPay provide?
    LegalPay provides two kinds of financing: 1) Litigation Financing: We fund commercial disputes and help businesses alleviate the costs and risks of fighting disputes in exchange for a pre-decided cut from the potential recovery. This is non-recourse funding, implying that LegalPay only gets a cut in case the litigation wins the case. 2) Embedded Financing: We allow businesses to spread their legal and professional expenses across a pre-agreed timeframe for no extra cost. This is basically done by giving a virtual line of credit, allowing businesses to draw down funds when needed.
  • Who can approach LegalPay for legal financing?
    Anyone and everyone can approach LegalPay to finance their legal expenses. However, the decision to fund and the amount to fund is up to the discretion of LegalPay's extensive due diligence process.
  • How much does it cost to get started with LegalPay?
    There is no cost to get started with LegalPay. LegalPay provides its services completely free of charge
  • Does LegalPay support companies that work outside India?
    Absolutely, yes. We provide financing to all types of companies irrespective of their domicile. Do not hesitate to reach out to us in case of any further questions.
  • Why should I take financing from LegalPay?
    Disputes are inevitable for any business, no matter how big or small. Why to put in your time, effort, and money in chasing disputes, when you can let LegalPay take care of it with no additional burden.
  • What is Litigation Financing?
    In simple words, litigation financing is the practice where a third party (LegalPay) unrelated to the lawsuit provides capital to a party involved in litigation, in return for a pre-agreed cut of any financial recovery from the lawsuit.
  • How to get started with litigation financing?
    If you're a lawyer and want to avail litigation financing for one of your client, reach out to us at If you're a plaintiff and want to get litigation financing for your dispute, you can signup on our platform and submit your case for review.
  • What type of cases can be funded on LegalPay?
    LegalPay assists in funding meritorious commercial claims at all stages of litigation, including but not limited to: 1) Contractual disputes 2) Founder investor disputes 3) Intellectual property disputes 4) Banking and insurance disputes 5) Cross border disputes 6) Class action suits
  • How much funding does LegalPay provide?
    LegalPay does not have any minimum/maximum ticket size. As long as the case is meritorious and qualifies for funding, LegalPay is happy to provide support.
  • What can be the funding used for?
    LegalPay's funding can be used for following purposes including but not limited to: 1) Lawyers fees 2) Court fees 3) Witness fees 4) Stamp duty 5) OPE expenses
  • Does LegalPay have any control over the litigation or settlement negotiations?
    Absolutely not. LegalPay does not manage, interfere, or influence the case in any manner whatsoever. Settlement
  • What criteria determines if my case will be funded by LegalPay?
    LegalPay follows a three-step due diligence process: 1) Legal diligence: Case must have strong legal merits. Legal merits means a sound basis for the case and a clear understanding of the claim value. Further, we also take into account the estimated time to resolution. 2) Financial diligence: Defendants must have strong financial viability and should be well-capitalized with an ability to pay damages awarded as a result of the litigation. 3) Operational diligence: The case must be represented by experienced and competent lawyer with strong track record of success in the related legal area.
  • How long will it take LegalPay to review a case?
    LegalPay reviews all the cases it receives within 48 hours. If a case is accepted for review, your team may be contacted for additional information. If we decide to move ahead with the case, we will issue a funding agreement. After the terms are accepted, LegalPay will deploy capital whenever and wherever required as per the pre-agreed thesis.
  • What is LegalPay Max?
    LegalPay Max is a Pay Later product that allows businesses to spread their legal and professional expenses across a pre-agreed timeframe for no extra cost.
  • How can I find legal professionals who accept LegalPay Max as a payment option?
    We have onboarded more than 4,000 legal professionals on our platform. You can either avail legal services of such legal professionals onboarded on our platform or let us know the name of your legal professional so that we can onboard them.
  • Who can avail LegalPay's Pay Later solution?
    Any Indian resident/business who has a bank account, PAN card and Aadhar card can avail LegalPay's Pay Later solution. Not having prior credit history is not a limiting factor since we also underwrite new-to-credit customers. However, please note that the approval of credit line is subject to financial underwriting of our lending partners.
  • What is the process to avail a credit limit?
    Our process is 100% digital with a completely paperless journey. Our team assess applications within 24 hours and are able to approve over 70% of applicants. You can then choose to pay your legal bills using your credit limit.
  • What are the repayment options available?
    We provide flexible repayment options to our customers. You can pay using our EMI plans that go up to 12 months.
  • How can I repay the borrowed amount?
    We provide a host of channels such as net banking, debit card, UPI, etc. to pay legal professionals on our platform. Alternatively, you can clear your legal bills using LegalPay Max that allows you to divide your bills in no-cost EMIs that go up to 12 months. Further, we will send timely notifications/messages reminding you of the due amount so that you never forget to repay on time.
  • What if I'm unable to repay on time?
    In case you are not able to repay on time, the interest amount keeps getting accrued on your outstanding amount, impacting your credit score adversely. Hence, we advise you to borrow only when you have the capacity to repay.

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