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A Brief Overview To LegalPay Max


What is LegalPay Max?

LegalPay Max is a digital lending platform where law firms or businesses can raise invoices or long-term unpaid transactions through our partnered payment gateway. India is the world’s largest populous country with people from different income slabs, with an abundance of businesses in need of financing. India is considered one of the finance acceptors or credit-thirsty countries. In India, several lending institutions exist to serve and fulfil the financial needs of Indian Businesses however lending institutions for helping businesses to manage and help in financing their legal expenses.

LegalPay Max is designed to help businesses to pay for their legal expenses using no-cost EMIs. This legal financing solution is designed with the motive of providing recourse to businesses to pay their expenses. This platform is helping in two folds, businesses with credit line financing and clearing their legal expenses, on the other hand, this platform is also helping lawyers to get their dues cleared. Through LegalPay Max, businesses or individuals can now access top-tier law firms/highly valued lawyers who were previously out of their reach attributing to their higher purchasing power, and law firms can expand their clientele by providing flexible payment options to their clients.

What are we solving?

As mentioned, LegalPay Max solves the problem and helps businesses and independents in two folds by creating funds lending through an easily accessible platform. Our platform solves various other issues that any individual faces by providing legal financing.

Financing of legal expenses, where businesses can now avail the financial services for their legal expenses such as transactional, arbitration, compliance or even litigation. Easy invoicing, where we create customized invoices, provide one-click service-based invoices, and help to share these invoices by creating and sharing payment links with an instant solution. Flexible Schemes, where we help businesses to let their clients pay in zero-cost EMIs, which helps to optimize work capital to maintain 30% longer clientele while assuming all the credit risk.

Smart Dashboard, LegalPay Max provides tech-build next-gen business tools to help the business and legal practitioner needs. This advanced built-in security platform to helps businesses or individual to maintain confidentiality and protects privacy. This dashboard is free to avail for a lifetime along with add-ons. All of this can be tracked, monitored, and visualized using our interactive dashboards made using best-in-the-class tech infrastructure.


LegalPay Max flows with various advantages besides a technology-driven and user-friendly platform. Our platform helps in providing instant collections by providing funds with a simple and user-friendly the procedure, we also help the party to ditch the waiting period to consider the time as the utmost priority, this zero risk platform helps the parties to increase revenue and let clients pay with zero EMIs.

This efficient helping platform also provides additional advantages to businesses by providing a cashback of up to 7% if the amount is paid through the LegalPay Max platform, with a credit line of 50 lakhs. Our motive behind this platform is to have no bad debts with zero collection risks. This initiative also helps businesses to manage working capital.


This efficient platform was created with the sole motive of providing businesses to have an effective legal solution by hiring top-tier law firms /lawyers to resolve their disputes. Indian litigation is not very cost-friendly and fighting against top corporate giants require a lot of capital, and here LegalPay Max helps with two folds mechanisms. This platform helps in providing flexible solutions, reducing the litigation cost burden while delivering the preferred partners to further help. LegalPay Max is a new initiative to deliver the concept of access to justice to all and no one should be deprived of adequate legal help.

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